International K-pop Fans experienced the Janggu Class!!

[Jeongdong Theater Traditional Culture Program_Janggu Class]

International K-pop Fans experienced the Janggu Class
in Jeongdong Theater!

Last October 23, the Sky was so high and the doldam-gil was so beautiful because of the autumn colors.

And Jeongdong Theater had special guests from all over the world!

They were 40 people of international K-pop fens from 12 countries.

They were selected by 32 branches of Korea Tourism Organisation(KRO)

because they all are contributors of social network or communities regarding K-pop.

They visited Jeongdong Theater to experience the traditional culture program.

After having seat in Jeongdong Maru, the venue of the Janggu Class,

they were so curious about the Korean traditional instrument so they took a pictures and touched Janggu.

First of all, they learned the basic information about the Janggu

such as how to call the part of the instrument and oral sound of the rhythm.

It was not familiar to them to pronounce but they were so excited to learn about the Korean traditional music.

When the participants became familiar with Janggu, they started to learn ‘Hwimori Jangdan(rhythm)’.

The instructor taught very smoothly for the K-pop fens who met Janggu for the first time.

It seemed like that all participants followed well the teacher.

After learning the ‘Hwimori Jangdan’, some participants demonstrated what they learned in front of others.

It was really surprising that they did very good job even it was the first time for them!!

Everybody gave them a big hand!

At the end, all participants and the instructor took a photo together!

They seemed like to feel the sorrow of parting but they leave photo and video as much as possible.

I guess that Korea they saw through the Janggu class is different with what they was through K-pop.

I hope they have this memory forever!

Interview with Hee-jun Lee & Da-ye Choi, the masters of Janggu class!


Let’s experience Janggu!

*Interview with Hee-jun Lee & Da-ye Choi,
the masters of Jeongdong Theater’s Jang-gu Class*

▲Hee-jun Lee & Da-ye Choi, the masters of Jeongdong Theater’s Janggu Class

How much do you know about Korean traditional music?

And how much have you had interest of it?

With those kind of question, the most of Korean young people might be embarrassed.

Maybe, Janggu is only one traditional instrument that many people know?

Janggu is the instrument which can not be missed for the Korean traditional music.

Every music  except the music court ceremony or the Buddhist ceremony, uses this instrument

and it is so-called ‘the instrument for the basic of the Korean traditional music’.

Most of the Korean people have learned Janggu in their school curriculum so the instrument is very familiar to the public.

However, there are quite few opportunities to have this instrument after they became the adult.

Therefore, Jeongdong Theater’s Janggu Class is a good opportunity to experience again Janggu.

It is only once in a short time but it opens to the public so you can experience about Korean traditional instruments and the music.

Let’s listen to Hee-jun Lee & Da-ye Choi, the masters of the Janggu class which is held in Jeongdong Maru in Jeongdong Theater!

​* 장구 JANGGU *

Janggu is a Korean traditional instrument which has an hourglass-shaped body with two heads made from animal skin.

It was imported from the Sung dynasty in Goryeo Dynasty era of Korea and it has been used in everywhere from the court to the public.

The sticks of each side have different shape as well as different way of play.

▲Interview with Hee-jun Lee & Da-ye Choi

​* Jeongdong Theater’s Jeongdong Maru Janggu Class *

The program runs for 30 mins and it consists of the introduction of the instrument, how to play and the Huimori Jangdan.

I was concerned if it is too short to learn everything but Lee said that all most every participants easily follow the program.

“Because of the Jeongdong Theater’s properties, there are many foreign participants.

Also, the participant’s age groups are various.

As it is only one time class and opens to the public, the participants sign in without any burden.

The program is designed for beginners to follow.

Therefore everyone easily follows and enjoys the class.

30 minutes is enough to experience and to enjoy Janggu”

▲Hee-jun Lee in the class

Not only the foreigners but also the Korean citizens also participate in the Janggu class.

Especially many families who didn’t have many opportunity to experience Janggu come and enjoy together.

Traditionally, Janggu has been used in various kinds of music such as Nong-ak(Traditional Famer’s music) and shamanic music.

The characteristic of these musics are very communicative and interactive so the audiences could be join to the play.

Now, through this Janggu class, Jeongdong Theater created the opportunity for the audiences to communicate with the Korean tradition.

▲Interview with Hee-jun Lee & Da-ye Choi

“I think that the Janggu class could create a connection between the audience and the traditional culture of Korea.

And now days, ‘Hanbok’, the traditional costume of Korea became very familiar to the young generation due to its experience programs.​

In Jeongdong Theater, the audience also can experience to wear Hanbok and can take part of the class.

The participants wearing in Hanbok are very different with other.

They seem like more concentrate to feel the traditional emotion and it comes to me very specially.”

The most memorable participants are a daughter and a mother from Japan.

They participated the program for 4 days even it was informed that the everyday’s program would be same.

Therefore, the class master gave them more instructions about Korean traditional music and helped them to buy the Janggu sticks.

Later, the theater team heard that the mother and the daughter bought the Janggu sticks and went back to Japan.

Likewise, even the program is only at once but the aftereffect of the program is not only for once.

The experience program leaves a good memory on Janggu ​

and it opens the door to have more interest of the Korean traditional culture and instruments.

At the end of the program, a certificate and Polaroid photo are offered to the participants.

The Janggu Class starts every 3 pm in Jeongdong Maru (No class on Mondays)

and the group participation (around 50 people) is also available.

*Jeongdong Theater Jeongdong Maru Janggu Class*

– Every Tue-Sat 3 pm (30 mins)

– Inquiry : +82-(0)2-751-1944

Hot Cultural Trend! : Wearing Hanbok & Playing Janggu!

[Wearing Hanbok & Playing Janggu!]

Hot Cultural Trend,

Wearing Hanbok & Playing Janggu!

Do you know the recent trend?

We can easily meet the young people & foreigners who wear Hanbok
in downtown of Seoul
especially, near by the old palace and Hanok villages
such as Insadong, Bukchon and Samcheongdong.​

For the young generation, ‘Hanbok’ is not old fashions which is very uncomfortable
but it became a ‘Culture’ and ‘Enjoyable thing’.

The tradition that we meet by experience becomes a new cultural trend.

Then, how about having one more experience of tradition rather than just wearing Hanbok?

I would like to recommend you “Wearing Hanbok & Playing Janggu!”.

I wore Hanbok very after a long time for the Janggu class.

I have thought that Hanbok is very uncomfortable cloth.

However, after wearing it, I figured out that it is very comfortable and cool!

The venue that you can have the experience of Janggu class wearing Hanbok is ‘Jeongdong Maru’
It is brand-new venue of Jeongdong Theater.

The venue has traditional housing interiors so, I posed like a Confucian scholar.

While I was waiting for the Janggu class, I could find many foreigners in Jeongdong Maru.

It was very cool to see the foreigners who is looking forward to having Janggu class wearing Hanbok.


And Korean Traditional Culture.

Now, It becomes an world wide enjoyable things.

There were many young kids waiting for the class.

​ Then, Let’s start to learn Janggu!

Janggu class began with introduction of how to call the stick of Janggu.

On the right hand, we have Gung-chae which has round tip.

On the left hand, we have Yeol-chae which is flat one.

▲Gung-Chae                                                                                                ▲Yeol-Chae

Dung, the sound when you hit the both side of Janggu.

Kung, the sound when you hit only left side of Janggu.

Tta, the sound when you hit only right side of Janggu.

The rhythm that you learn from the janggu class of Jeongdong Maru is ‘Hwimori’

‘Hwimori’ is one of the fastest rhythm of Korean traditional music.

Therefore it is very exciting and energetic rhythm.

‘Hwimori’ seems like difficult rhythm for the beginers

but once I accustomed to the rhythm I could play fast.

Therefore the atmosphere in the Jeongdong maru becomes so hot.

After playing Janggu, I could feel my stress off and it was so cool.

And as there were many people who wear hanbok like me, I could feel that we became the one!

It seems like very special experience as I wore the Korean traditional cloth and played Korean traditional music.

Janggu class is very enjoyable experience without burden.

I would like to recommend it to all from young kids to foreign people who want to learn about Korean tradition.

For the couples who want to enjoy a special dating,

I would like to recommend to experience Janggu Class rather than only wearing Hanbok.

Hope you enjoy the hot trend with “Wearing Hanbok & Playing Janggu!”

*Jeongdong Theater’s Jeongdong Maru Janggu Class*

– Every Tue-Sat 3 pm (30 mins)

– Contact : 02-751-1944