Good bye Lotus!

The performance “Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More” which started on April 6 2017 finished on October 29.

“Lotus..” is a fiction which is set in the court of Joseon Dynasty
and it is story about the love and parting between Seoryon, the best dancer in the court, and Dodam, the best worrier in the court.

The story is described by the colorful dance of Korean tradition.

As it has the dignity of Korean traditional description and traditional dance, beautiful spectacle and wonderful music,
it has been well-received by the audience from April to October.

On the day of the last performance, October 29 | Jeongdong Theater

The scene where Soryeon dances playing a Korean traditional instrument, ‘Haeguem’, was the best impressive. The melody played by protagonist, Seoryeon, made a beautiful atmosphere and sensation of immersion. 

On the day of the last performance, October 29 | Jeongdong Theater

At 8pm, on Sunday, October 29.
It was very touching to see the last scene of the last performance. 

<Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> had totally 381 times of performances during 6 months.

I can not imagine how was the feeling of the actors preparing the last performance today.

The last photo time, on October 29 | Jeongdong Theater

After the last performance was finished, the ‘photo time’ service of Jeongdong Theater was offered as usual.
It was very interesting for the foreign audiences so there were many foreign audiences including Japanese on the last day.
Even though the story was based on the Korean traditional tale, the performance was very interpretable for the foreign audiences.
Also, it was a performance to feel the colorful dance of the Korean tradition
from the smooth motion of female dancers to the powerful group dance of male dancers.  

The last photo time, on October 29 | Jeongdong Theater

The actors showed big smile for the last photo time.
It seems like that they keep comforting their sorrow of parting with laughing.

On the stage after finishing the performance on October 29 | Jeongdong Theater

After finishing the performance and the photo time, all of the actors gathered on the stage.
And for the last performance, Chunghan Kim, the director and choreographer  of the performance came and join.
 The actors and dancers embraced each other with the sorrow of  parting.

On the stage after finishing the performance on October 29 | Jeongdong Theater

I feel very sad to think that I can not see the performance which had has been staged from April to October any more.
However, I can keep the memories in my mind and I think it is the merit of the performance.

For the memory, the actors took pictures on the stage.

The long journey of “Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More” from April 6 to October 29 was finished.
 “Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More” may blossom in the heart of the audiences and the actors as a beautiful memory.

Thanks to the actors and staffs who involved in the performance! And Thanks to the audiences!
Good bye Lotus!

On the stage after finishing the performance on October 29 | Jeongdong Theater

Jeongdong Press Interview : Jin Hong Jeon

[Jeongdong Press Interview: Jin Hong Jeon]

<Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> 

Interview with Jin Hong Jeon who plays role of ‘Dodam’

‘Seoryeon’, the best dancer of the court. ‘Dodam’, the best worrier of the court.

The love between them could be safe in Joseon era?

Dodam fell in love with Seoryeon who gained the favorite of the king.

He looks Seoryeon with pathetic express on his face because of the wall between the two.

Then, how he could keep his love in front of the greedy king?

I met Jin Hong Jeon who plays ‘Dodam’, the protagonist of <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>

Who describes sometimes the strong emotion as a worrier
and sometimes pathetic emotion as a man who falls in love.

I met Jin Hong Jeon who just finished 4 pm performance so he could not remove the makeup on his face.

It was very impressed that I could see the overlapped two faces : Dodam and the actor Jin Hong Jeon.

Q. I would like to know why you decided to join this performance.

My life as a dancer was started by Chunghan Kim who is the director/ choreographer of this performance.

By chance, I saw a dancer in dance competition and it was really impressive.

And later, I figured out that he was a student of Director Chunghan Kim.

I started ‘dance’ having respect for him naturally.

Therefore, I applied to a audition of <Chunhyang> which is one of the director Kim’s work in Jeongdong Theater

and I played the protagonist of the performance.

As the same reason, I would like to join this performance as director Kim’s work

and finally I play the role of Dodam after passing the audition.

Q. How did you feel when you meet Director Kim at the first time?

At the first time, it was very difficult to close to him because of his Charisma.

However, as I work with him more and more, he gave me a lot of suggestion time to time.

Therefore I could easily depend on him.

I always have a lot of thing to learn from him.

Q. The character of Dodam is focused on ‘the love toward Seoryoen’.

Therefore do you have any principal aim to describe Dodam?

Dodam is the best worrier in the court. Therefore I would like to describe the powerful figure.

Because I thought that the love of the strong man could be emphasized deeply and sorrowfully.

Therefore I aim at showing the strong figure as a worrier and it is well shown in the scene of the battle.

I strongly describe the motion of the worrier putting power on body when I take the sword.

Those kinds of scene well show ‘Worrier Dodam’.

And also, there are many choreograph where I need to life the female protagonist in the scenes with Seoryeon.

I think that those kinds of scenes show well the male attraction.

I personally would like to make my character ​stand out as an actor.

However, for the whole performance, it is important to make balance with others.

▲ Scene of Dodam in training with his colleagues_”Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More”

Q.Who do you think Dodam is?

Dodam is a worrier who get favorite of the King like Seoryeon.

He is the closest person of the king like king’s family.

Therefore the King gets angry of the love between the two people who are the favorites of the king.

Dodam is devoted to the King but also he is very pure to fall in love.

The figure of pure is the order of Director Kim.

“Strong man outwardly but romanticist internally.”

The figure of a Romanticist looks like ‘Mongryong’ in Chunghyang.

▲ Dodam’s Deaguem play _”Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More”

Q. If there are similar things between Dodam and Mongryong, is it easy to describe Dodam?

My answer is No.

Only for the love, they are similar. However Dodam is a worrier so I need to describe totally differently.

Director Kim ordered me to have ‘step of warrior’.

However, It was very difficult to remove the Mongryong’s character by my self.

I even don’t know if I describe the step of warrior having the pure mind toward the love at the same time.

Q. Which scene is the most difficult for you?

The duet scene with Seoryeon is most difficult for me.

This is the scene where I need to show the deep love and the relation
but it is not easy to express the emotion in the calm music.

If I have mistake, it is shown well in the quiet music.

Therefore we need to have completely well matched motion

and also we need to show ‘a beautiful love’ at the same time.

It is the reason why the scene is the most difficult.

▲ Duet Dance with Seoryeon_’Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More’

Q. What is the emotion that you would like to deliver to the audience?

And How do would you like to be memorized in the performance?

Everyone has the memory of love.

Therefore I would like to make this performance where the audience could remember their love.

Many elder audiences have told me like :

“I used to have a love like Dodam and Seoryeon….”

Therefore this performance is beautiful.

I want the audience can be moved by the beauty.

Also, I would like to show a performance where the public could think that ‘The beauty of the Korean traditional dance is a genre which can deliver the impression.’

And I would like to be remembered as a romanticist who devoted to his love.

I want to be remembered by the dance of ‘Dodam’.

As a Korean traditional dance major, Jin Hong Jeon has a big proud on Korean dance.

It was meeting that I could remind his dance from his talk about the beauty of the Korean dance.

I look forward Dodam of Jin Hong Jeon in the future of the performance!​


A Story of Women who came back from the death : Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More

‘Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More’ is a non-verbal performance telling only with Korean traditional dance. Without telling the story and even without the knowledge, there are things to understand on the stage. There are the rhythm, motion, ideology and emotion which is hidden in Korean people’s mind. It is expressed by the folk tale ‘The tales of Mrs. Domi” and “Igongbonpuri” and by the Korean traditional dances such as ‘Taepyeongmu” and “Sword Dance”.

The Story of “Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More” is based on the Korean old folk tales-“The tale of Mrs. Domi” and “Igongbonpuri”. “The tale of Mrs. Domi” tells about that the lascivious king of Baekjae tries to violate Mrs. Domi but the wise woman overcomes the danger and confirm her love with her husband. “Igongbonpufi” is a one of the narrative shamanic myths in Jeju-gut(Shamanic ritual in Jeju Island). It is about that Wongag-ami who died in difficulties finally comes to life again as a flower thanks to her husband and son who buried her body in a flower garden.

In the performance of “Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More” is a story about “Women” and “Revivification”. In this story, we have “Seoryoen” who keeps her belief and love in the difficulties like Mrs. Domi and Wongang-Ami.

Seoryeon is the best dancer in the court and Dodam, the best worrier in the court is her lover. However, the king is lust for Seoryeon because of her beauty. Seonryeon refuse king’s propose and finally she is jailed in a prison. Dodam fights with the king for his lovver and in this process, Seoryeon dies by King’s sword. And the shaman of the court perform the ritual for revivification of Seoryeon and finally she comes again to the life.

In this part, Mohwa, the shaman of the court, is very important. In the Joseon dynasty, Shaman is a priesthood but received double discrimination as a woman and as a shaman. However, in Korean traditional narrative shamanic myth, the shaman is heroic character who give the life to people. In the performance of “Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More”, Mohwa, the shaman give a life to Seoryeon with her strong energy.

In other words, through the two folk tales, this performance show the symbol of the women in difficulties and the vital power of women. ‘Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More” retells the Korean traditional literary  ideology with the contemporary sense.

The performance shows not only the folk tales but also Korean traditional dances. The dances consist of ‘Parilmu’, a Confucian ritual dance and ‘Taepyeongmu’, a dance praying for the reign of peace and ‘Sward dance’. The dance completes the story.

Also, Seoryeon plays ‘Haegeum’ while her dance. Haegeum is one of the representative Korean instruments which has only two strings. One string is called ‘the string of laughing’ and the other is called ‘the string of crying’. Seoryeon expresses the two faces through her dance.


The scene of the revivification is the highlight of the performance. Mohwa get the audiences feel the catharsis with her dance and act. The exciting music and the unique beat of the Korean traditional percussion raise the immersion level of the audience.


The name of the protagonist ‘Seoryeon’ includes the meaning of ‘Lotus’. Lotus comes out in the muddy water but blossoms purely. In oriental culture, the people who keep one’s belief is metaphor-ed as ‘Lotus’. Also, ‘Lotus’ has symbol of the ‘revivification’ in oriental myths.  Therefore, it is possible to say that ‘Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More’ the vital power of women’ through Seoryeon and Mohwa.


Article from “All that Art”

Interview with Narea who plays role in ‘Mohwa’, the court shaman


<Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> 

Absolute Charisma, ‘Mowha’ the court shaman.

Interview with ‘Narea’, the actress.

Various attractive characters appear such as the court dancer ‘Seoryeon’ and the court worrier ‘Dodam’

in ‘Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More’, the performance of Jeongdong Theater.

Among the characters, there is a very impressive character,
There is ‘Mohwa’ who is the court shaman with very strong charisma and she is charge of all of ritual in the court.

I met ‘Narea’ who plays ‘Mohwa'(Double casted),
the important character who lead the highlight scene -Seoryeon’s revivification.  ​

Q. Please introduce ‘Mohwa’ and what do you think Mohwa’s magnetism.

‘Mohwa’ is the court shaman and she performs the national ritual praying for the peaceful reigns of the nation and the court.

Comparing with ‘Seoryeon’, the best dancer of the court who has a beauty like a flower,

I think ‘Mohwa’ shows absolute charisma outwardly but she she deeply warm heart inside so she has unexpected charm.

Therefore, her charm is felt absolutely.

Q. Actually ‘Shaman’ has negative connotation and it is very strange.
But what is your motive to do this role?

Actually, ‘Shaman’ has negative connotation like uncomfortable or fear in these days.

And it is felt like unfamiliar thing.​

However, in this work, ‘Mohwa’ is a character who fulfills her duties in the court and I, myself, considered this character as a bridge-building role between the God and the human.

I interpreted this mysterious character who tells somebody’s fortune and grant a wish
rather than who controls curse and dark energy.​

In the performance, actually, she has charisma but she embraces many people at the same time.

It is like a Mother’s tolerance and strength.

Therefore, I would like to have this role and I’m very happy to have it.

Q. In this performance, there is not lines as it is dance drama.
However it is possible to understand the story following the dancers motion.
Therefore, do you have any difficulties to storytelling as a dancer? 

Lines and talking contain world and various predicates.

However, for the dance, it was difficult to find connections between motions like a sentences.

However, for making this dance drama, I have many practice to make a dance like a sentence.

For example, I dance reciting the lines in my mind
and repeated it many time to express the feeling and to make people understand it.

During the rehearsal time, the director Kim, emphasizes on this part.

Through this training of the dancers,
the audiences will have experience the beautiful  ‘Body Language’ without the lines.

Q. Do you have any behind story during the performance period?

Few days ago, we have a senior audience group.

All the auditorium is filled with elderly men and women.

They gave sympathetic responses and I was very surprised of it.

It was very impressive that they made exclamations like ‘Oh may’, ‘Don’t do that’

and it seemed like they watched soap opera.

Therefore I could find that the audiences followed the story lines.

I figured out that it is not necessary to be calm as it is a dance drama.

Like Pansori, Maddangguek(Korean mask dance drama) or Changguek(Traditional Korean Opera),

‘Korean dance drama’ could be a performance where the audience freely join in.

At the curtain call, I had a lump in my through when I heard the sound of hand clapping.

I will never forget this experience.

Q. The scene of ‘ritual for revivification’ is the best part of the performance.

Please explain about this scene.

Only seeing this scene, it looks like a ritual to revive the Seoryeon who was dead.

However, in the first part of the story,
you can find a hint that Mohwa has perceived this tragedy and has tried to prevent the incidence.

I think ‘Mohwa’ is a character who wanted to prevent the huge tragedy with her love toward not only one person but everyone and the nation.

I was tried to describe all the emotion

such as misunderstanding and rage which is revealed by people’s jealous,

piercing sadness when they faced to the death of Seoryeon,

and the anger toward Mohwa her self as she could not prevent the tradegy

but the reliance on belief to save Seoryeon’s life.

Through this scene, I would like to give the message that we need to have not only the death and the life

but also a tolerance.

▲Mohwa preparing the ritual_’Narea’

▲Performing the ritual of revivification for Seoryeon_Narea

▲The best scene, Mohwa finally save Seoryeon’s life._Narea

Q. Do you have any comment to the audience?

I think there are stereo type toward the Korean traditional Dance Drama.

But I’m sure that you will change your mind after seeing this performance.

This performance has strong structure like a soap opera or a movie even if it has no line.

You might change your perspective on the ‘Korean traditional dance drama’ after experience this performance.

Please have interest in this performance and please meet Mohwa at once in the theater.

Interview with Goun Lee


<Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> 

Absolute Charisma, ‘Mowha’ the court shaman.

Interview with ‘Goun Lee’, the actress.

Various attractive characters appear such as the court dancer ‘Seoryeon’ and the court worrier ‘Dodam’

in ‘Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More’, the performance of Jeongdong Theater.

Among the characters, there is a very impressive character,
There is ‘Mohwa’ who is the court shaman with very strong charisma and she is charge of all of ritual in the court.

I met ‘Goun Lee’ who plays ‘Mohwa'(Double casted),
the important character who lead the highlight scene -Seoryeon’s revivification.  ​

​Q. Please introduce your self and Mohwa

Hello. My name is Goun Lee . I graduated college just now and  made the first stage appearance.

My role ‘Mohwa’ is a character of a court shaman
who prays for the peace in the court and defends the nation from the evil energy.

​Q. <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> is a performance with story but it has no line.

Do you have any difficulties to act or to describe the story.

I have never dance with story line.

Therefore, personally, I have difficulties to describe and to express the emotion
and I felt that I was not familiar with it

During the rehearsal time, I had time alone to concentrate and to throw out this unfamiliar felling.

However, as the performance started, I could focus naturally on the story which is leaded by the protagonists.

​I described the emotion and acted without awareness it.

Therefore, now I more and more focus on the story and try to find the face act and the emotion.

​Q. For the beginning to the highlight scene of the last part, Mohwa has a central role.

The ritual seems like have the form but doesn’t look like the tradition.

Did you mind or try anything for this?

You might imagine a gut(Shaman ritual) of Mudang(shaman) or of chief priest.

But I don’t think that it is not the concept of this performance.

Just from the time setting, it is required to present the shamanism and folk religion in the cultural aspect.

I think that the scene of Mohwa’s ritual might be the open at the beginning and the close of the end.

I hope the audience to see this scenes not with the perspective of shamanic religion but with the cultural perspective.

Also, when I studied about the scene and the character, I have referred to many video clips on the contemporary shamanic ritual and the traditional ritual.

I have tried to learn the motion and emotion of them.​

​Especially, as it has abstract aspect of praying in the middle of nothing,

I tried to find the message of this story.​

​Q. We can not skip to talk about the scene of ‘Revivification’ when we talk about ‘Mohwa’.

What do you think the attraction of the scene is?

In the scene of ‘Revivification’, everything is played on the stage such as music and acting in live  and all of the characters appear on the stage.

It is enough to say the attraction.

​But sound of percussion, which raised more and more describes the heart sound of Seoryeon.

I think the percussion play describes well this whole atmosphere of this scene.

As this scene is the very important, we had lots of rehearsal for it.

For me, it felt pressured as I need to lead this scene.

However, all the actors and actress have one mind on the stage

and it brought result of the great scene.

​Q. <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> is played by double cast actors.

So please introduce your ‘Mohwa’ comparing with the other.

I think that Mohwa is a character who cherishes ‘Dodam’.

Therefore, Director Kim asked me to have a mother’s heart like Dodam’s mother explaining me about the character.

I could not understand the ‘mother’s heart and it was not easy as my first acting.

I tried to express an understated affection rather than unconditional love.

Describing rational feeling ​rather than emotional feeling.
This is the attraction of Mohwa which is played by me.

​Q. Do you have any behind story during the performance?

This is my first stage outside of the college.

Therefore, I run busy as a hen with a chicken and did many mistakes.

I have miss a lot the props but now I have ability to handle these mistake.

​Q. Do you have any commentary to the audiences?

I perform everyday but it is the first time for the audience.

Therefore, I tried not to fall into mannerism.

Everyday, I try to change the motion and expression so I could perform like very first time.

And I hope many people come to the theater.

More audience, more complete the performance.

Therefore, I hope many people come to see the performance and make it together.

And when the audiences love my character, Mohwa, I also have a promise to my self to do my best.

[Interview] Haneul Cho_ Main Dancer of ‘Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More’

[Interview : Haneul Cho_Main Dancer of ‘Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More]

2017 Jeongdong Theater Tradition Series 

<Lotus, A Flower Come Out Once More>

Meeting with Haneul Cho, the Main Dancer !


It was last of March in the full of spring whether,
I visited in the rehearsal room of <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> which will be opened soon at April. 6.

I saw actors who go at their rehearsal in details even if it was the lunch time.

I interviewed Haneul Cho who acts as ‘Seo-ryon’, the main character to know more about the performance!

Let’s meet her together!

Q: Please introduce your self and your character, ‘Seo-ryeon’
A: Hello
. My name is Haneul Cho and I act ‘Seo-ryeon’, the main character in the performane ‘Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More’. The name of ‘Seo-ryeon’ means ‘Water Lily which comes out at dawn, early in the morning’. She is the best dancer in the court who is good at play music and dance.

Q: What do you focus for describe the character ‘Seo-ryeon’?
A: In a scene where Seo-ryeon dances with Heaguem, a Korean traditional instrument, I’m doing my best to contain the emotion rather then just describe the playing of the instrument.

Q: Did you refer to any other character in Movie or Drama to describe ‘Seo-ryeon’? 
A: When you see the performance, you also will find that this performance is very resemble to <Romeo and Juliet> in the part of emotion. To describe the love, conflict and sorrow, I refer to the movie. Also, I refer to a Korean historical drama, <Dong-i> where the main character play Haegeum in her joy or sorrow.

Q: What is your specially difficult thing or joyful thing to act ‘Seo-ryeon’ relative to other role that you did?
A: I have played Haeguem in many times but I’ve never dance with it.

​It is very difficult to describe various emotions through the dance with the instrument
becuase I was experienced to describe the emotion only through my body.

However it became the most joyful and interest part as I’ve rehears it a lot.

Q: Performances of Jeongdong Theater mostly have a form of drama telling with Korean traditional dance.
As you are a dancer, what is the different thing compare with general dance performances?

A: The general dance performances only focus on the movement of dancer but in this performance, Chung-han Kim, the director, checked acting in very detail.

Also as Jeongdong theater has a stage which is very close to the audiences for comunication,
It is also different thing that it is easy to generously deliver the emotion and the atmosphere of the dram through the dance.

Q: Please introduce the highlight scene of <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>
A: In <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>,
the highlights is Korean traditional group dance such as sword dance, small drum dance and five drums dance
as well as the love story.

Also the haegeum play of Seo-ryeon and Daegeum play of Dodam also scenes that you should never miss.

Q: As before the opening on April.6,
Please give any recommendation to the audiences who will come to see the performance. 

A: The performance <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> which will begin at the spring of April
will give you the smell of the spring and the romance like a cherry blossom.

We, all of the actors and the staffs, prepared this performance on our best. Please give more interest and love to it!

How was the interview?

Did you feel more about the performance and ‘Seo-ryeon’ through the interview?

Please give more interest to all about ‘Seo-ryeon’ on the real stage!


[Jeongdong Press] Rehearsal Sketch of Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More

[Jeongdong Press : Rehearsal Sketch of ‘Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More’ ]

2017 Jeongdong Theater Tradition Series

Rehearsal Sketch of ‘Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More’!

* Meeting ‘Lotus’ which comes out once more on Jeongdong-gil where flowers are in full bloom *

In April when flowers of spring are full bloom in Jeongdong Theater

A Korean traditional dance drama, Lotus A Flower Comes Out Once More, is on the stage.

I was so excited to meet the work of truly love flower in Jeongdong Theater
which is located in Jeongdong-gil, well-known as the back ground of ‘love song of Kwanghwamun’

I show you the rehearsal sketch where the theater team were preparing the premier of Aril.6 .

Lotus, A Flower Come Out Once More is a original theater play
which borrows the motive from two Korean folk tales
contaning the spirit and the ideology of Korea.

‘Seo-ryeon’, the best dancer of the court
‘Dodam’, the greatest general of the court

The dance and face of the two main characters present well the image of a man and woman in love.

Even if this is a non-verbal performance, the detail of dance describes well everything
so it is enjoyable to see it!​

The two tales which Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More borrowed are
‘The Tale of Mrs. Domi’ of ancient tale and ‘Igongbonpuri’, a shamanic myth.

From the tale of Mrs. Domi, the story of that a husband and a wife confirmed their love
from where a King who is a lady-killer lusts for the wife but the wife overcomes wisely borrowed.

And from ‘Igongbonpuri’ which is a shamanic tale in Jeju,

The story of that a dead wife is revived by a flower from ‘Seocheon’ is borrowed for the drama.

In this performance,

The King is captivated by Seo-ryon’s beauty that resembles a fragrant flower.
Realizing this, the queen burns with jealousy and throws Seo-ryon out of the palace.

Dodam and Seo-ryeon confirm their love for each other out of the palace.
However, the king’s solders combat ensues as Do-dam tries to stop them from taking her.

As Seo-ryon refuses to submit to the king’s orders of tending to him at night,
The King imprisons her.

From here, the remarkable activities of Dodam to save ‘Seo-ryeon’ starts.

Please look forward to it!​

It is a story tells about a woman who protects herself from power corrupts
and a miracle of reincarnation in adversity.

I thought that it is a story which makes the audiences think about the real love
which is missed in the contemporary era.

On the spring of 2017, Please don’t miss this performance!

More information about the performance on