B cuts photos from rehearsal room of Musical “Pann: The Stage”

Can you imagine how the actors life just before the performance?
Here below B cuts photos from rehearsal room of Musical “Pann: The Stage”.

Jicheol Kim! The charming actor who acts the role of Dalsu!
In this photo, the actors wear the same T-shirt which is offered by fan club of Jicheol Kim.
The T-shirt of “Pann” supported by Jicheol’s fan made another great scene in the rehearsal room.

Juhye You, the actress who acts the role of I-deok lay down on the floor looking at the ceiling.

Following her gaze, let’s imagine what she is thinking about?
Thinking about Hotae who is the best storyteller?
Thinking about Dalsu, the brand new storyteller?

Or she is thinking now about the world of her novel.

This is Sora Im, the actress who acts the role of Boon-i!

This is “X” mark for Dalsu to give him a cool-headed assessment.

Jihoon Kim, the actor who acts the role of Hotae, the best storyteller of Joseon era now checking messages on his smart phone.

While we talk now through phones in this era,
many people was laughing and crying thought the story which is talked by Jeongi-su in Joseon ear.

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Review of Musical PANN: The Stage! The inexorability of satire!

Hello, This is review from Jeongdong Press!!

I went to see the musical PANN: The Stage which is staged from Dec 7 to Dec 31.

Here below I share the review!

A scene from Musical PANN: The Stage

The boundary between improvisation and script is broken!

Once the performance begins, the actors come out from the back of the audience and they make noisy to start!
They say hello and high five to the audience. It makes the auditorium and the stage as one place.
Due to the concept of story tellers who talk to the audience, the whole auditorium seems to be the stage.
Therefore, I could concentrate to the performance well.
Also, in the middle of the performance, the actors conduct impromptu talk to the audience
and this part does not seem an acting but play they enjoy.
I was very happy with the natural laughing of the actors.

A scene from Musical PANN: The Stage

The inexorability of satire!

The protagonists of the musical ‘PANN: The Stage’ are ‘Jeongi-su’ which is the profession of storyteller in the last of Joseon era.
They satirized the dark reality.
The storytellers in 2017 satirize the society where we live now and they shout “Who is the owner of DAS?!”.
I hope we also have that kind of storyteller who satirizes the society and make people feeling relieved in this era.

A scene from Musical PANN: The Stage

All kinds of genre are here on the stage!

The music of the performance is lively played in the theater.
During the performance, the musicians keep playing the music in the back of the stage.
It makes the performance more lively!
Even if the background of the performance is Joseon era, the performance presents various kind of music:
Various kinds of western music including Bossa nova, Tango, Swing are played by Korean traditional music instrument
and it was really fantastic experience for me!

Furthermore, various kinds of Korean traditional dance including Tal-chum, shoulder dance
make harmony with other kinds of music in the performance.

I had no idea about the performance before the performance start
but I wan never bored during the 2 hours of the performance.
It shows well the Korean excitement!

I hope you also come and see this great performance for your wonderful end of the year!

◇ Performance Information ◇
Title : Musical <PANN: The Stage>
Period : December 7 – December 31 2017
Performance Time : Weekdays 8 pm, Saturday 3 pm & 7 pm, Sunday 3 pm.  (No performance on Mondays)
Venue : Jeongdong Theater
Organized by Jeongdong Theater, CJ Cultural Foundation
Inquiry : Jeongdong Theater +82-(0)2-751-1500 / Interpark +82-1544-1555
Produced by Jeongdong Theater

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You Can Enjoy the Musical in Your Language with the Subtitling Service!

Jeongdong Theater started offering subtitling service on November 9, the premier day of “Dong-Dong”

Giving appreciation to the overseas audiences, Jeongdong Theater executes test-operation of subtitling service by tablet devices.

 This service is collaboration project with Korea Tourism Organization and it received a great interest from the public.

I hope many audiences including overseas audiences will enjoy the performances of Jeongdong Theater.

Tablet Subtitling Service @Language Selection

The subtitling service seats are separated with other general seats.
If you want to receive the service, please inquiry to the information desk.

The seats have tablet cradle.
Let’s see the subtitling service!

Tablet Subtitling Service @Chinese Version

This tablet is the device providing the subtitling service.
4 languages; Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese are provided.
You can select the language by your self.
It will be very helpful for the foreign audiences understanding the performance.

Before starting the performance,
performance information including the synopsis and posters.

Tablet subtitling service @Chinese version

Some of you may have a concern about the synchronization between the subtitle and the performance.
However, do not worry about that! The theater also provides networking system!
You will receive the subtitling service synchronized with the performance!

The service was well operated for “Dong-Dong”.
Also, the service will be operated for the musical “Pann: The Stage”!


◇ Performance Information ◇
Title : Musical “Pann: The Stage”
Period : December 7-31 2017
Performance Time: Weekdays 8pm, Saturday 3pm/7pm, Sunday 3pm (No performance on Mondays)
Venue : Jeongdong Theater
Organized by Jeongdong Theater, CJ Cultural Foundation
Inquiry/Reservation: Jeongdong Theater +82-(0)2-751-1500 / Interpark +82-1544-1555
Produced by Jeongdong Theater

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The Rehearsal of the Musical “Pann: The Stage” !

“How I could stop talking !”

The musical “Pann: The stage” was selected the best musical by CJ cultural foundation
and it is coming back to Jeongdong Theater in December!

The musical runs from December 7 to December 31.

Before the premier, I visited the rehearsal room of the musical on November 23. 

The rehearsal of the musical “Pann: The stage”
In this day, I could see the complete version of the musical.
I’m sure that it is sssssso funny!

Wait, do you know what is “Jeongi-su” is?

Professional storytellers are called “Jeongi-su” in Joseon era.

They got many loves from the public as they were very talented in storytelling.

The musical “Pann: The stage” is a story about a man(Dalsu) who tried to become a Jeongi-su
after seeing Hotae, the best story teller in Joseon.


Left: Dalsu_Actor Jicheol Kim, Right: Hotae_Actor Jihoon Kim

Hotae and Dalsu satirize a district magistrate who ban them from storytelling.

The two storytellers ridicule him talking that “he has a smell of money”.

They critic about the irrational society with storytelling.

It is so gratifying and powerful!  

The story goes to the climax when the two storytellers are taken to the government office.

In front of the district magistrate, Dalsu says

“A man who has a chip mouth like a dog gives the birds trouble and it has been at least over ten years”


Dalsu_Actor Jicheol Kim (Left) & Hotae_Actor Jihoon Kim(Right), giving a storytelling with a marionette show.

And a big sounds of percussion comes to the stage.

And birds appears on the stage and the birds peck at the  district magistrate.

This scene was the most memorable for me.

It is the time when the public’s anger are at a simmer. 

I’m really looking forward to seeing this scene on the real stage.

Also, the acting was sssso powerful.

The two actors showed a great valance.

Rehearsal of the musical “Pann: The Stage”

A story of funny storytellers in Joseon era.

The story makes people’s heart warm, cool and hot.

Musical “Pann: The stage”

You can meet this performance from December 7 in Jeongdong Theater!

◇ Performance Information ◇
Title : Musical “Pann: The Stage”
Period : December 7-31 2017
Performance Time: Weekdays 8pm, Saturday 3pm/7pm, Sunday 3pm (No performance on Mondays)
Venue : Jeongdong Theater
Organized by Jeongdong Theater, CJ Cultural Foundation
Inquiry/Reservation: Jeongdong Theater +82-(0)2-751-1500 / Interpark +82-1544-1555
Produced by Jeongdong Theater

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[PANN: The Stage] Musical “Pann: The Stage” is re-staged! A story of the best story tellers in Joseon era!

Musical “Pann: The Stage” was selected as the third performance of “Creation-ing” project .

This musical was the best performance of ‘Stage-up’ project organized by  CJ cultural foundation.

And it is re-staged in coming December, in Jeongdong Theater!

Musical <Pann: The stage>is an well-made contents which is developed through many steps.

After having the premier in march, it became popular.

It is story about “Jeon-gisu” which is the professional storyteller in Joseon era.

Here below the brief synopsis.

Dal-su, a noble man is attracted by story telling
after having met Hotae, a professional story teller who receives loves from all around the country.

Later, Dal-su lives a double life; a noble man in the day time and a story teller in the night time.

The story is presented with lots of humors and satires.

Most of the production team and of the actors involve again in the re-staged performance!

Jichul Kim in the role of Dal-su and Jihun Kim in the role of Hotae also involve again in the performance!

Here below the introduction of the two actors!

This is Jichul Kim who acts as Dal-su.

He have had active work for musicals and plays.

He has acted for Musical Bathman(2017), Little Jack(2017), The great Gatsby(2017), Pyro-sonata(2017).

And this is Jihun Kim, who acts as Hotae.

He acts various kinds of characters.

He has acted for Musical Laundry(2009-2017), Romance in Luck (2017), The good youth(2015), Late night restaurant(2014).

It is expected to be also “new” performance with the two actors!

This performance will make the end of the year memorable!

I hope you enjoy the performance for your end of year!