About the Masks of Musical Dong-Dong

In the musical ‘Dong-Dong’, 14 traditional masks appear.  
The masks add colors to the characters.

Also, the characters hide or show one’s personality wearing or taking off the mask.

Masks show other personalities.

Therefore, the story starts with a scene where King Hyeongjong wears the mask of General Gang Gam-chan.

Then, lets check the masks which appear in the Musical Dong-Dong!

Mask of King Hyeongjong | Actor. Minhwan Song

King Hyeongjong is 8th King of Goryeo. He is vulnerable.
He runs out from the palace with a oppression of the heart because he could not decide to have war or not with the northern countries.

During the three days of ‘Palgwanheo’ which is the national festival,
he watches that many people break the taboo.

After he wears the mask of General Gang Gam-chan, he gets brave heart and finally makes a decision.

His eyes shows a discipline of the young king and the white face looks like a young boy.
A face with a smile.

Can he find his own face one day?

Mask of Gang Gam-chan | Actor Yong-nam Kim

The red face of General Gang Gam-chan poses a threat to the enemies.

King Hyeongjong borrows this face and gets a brave heart.

However, General Gang Gam-chan takes other mask after loosing his own mask.

Can you guess what happens?

Mask of Monk Jingwan | Actor Jaehyeon Lee

Monk Jingwan is the man who organizes Palgwanheo. He has a dark brown face and he looks like a large-hearted man.

He concerns about King Hyeonjong and looks at him with big eyes.

Also, the actor Jaehyeon Lee adds Pansori skill into the musical.

Mask of Hodoo| Actor Hyeoncheol Jeong

Hodoo is a young man who will be a monk.

He falls in love with Queen Wonjeong and he promises with her to run away to a island.

His rosy cheeks and round eyes reflect his curiosity.

The two lovers hide one’s position under the mask and expose one’s desire.

Mask of Queen Wonjeong | Actress Jo Eun

Queen Wonjeong also has rosy cheeks.

She has a desire to live outside of the palace because she does not receive any love from the King.

The romance between Hoddo and Queen Wonjeong presents a fantasy like ‘A Midsummer Nights’ Dream’ of Shakespeare.

Mask of the woman of a persimmon tree house | Actress Aehyeon Jeon

The woman of a persimmon tree house has chubby cheeks and she looks like a nice woman.

She always miss her dead son and drinks.

Mask of the man of the rice cake shop | Actor Hyeoncheol Park

He looks like naive and folksy man.

He has something with the woman of a persimmon three house.

Please check what it is through the musical!

Mask of a boy | Actor YoungHyeon Ahn

He is a young boy. Can you guess who he looks like?
He never takes off his mask during the whole musical.

Mask of the god of dragons | Actress Dabin Choi

Palgwanhoe is a national festival where the 8 taboos have to be kept during the three days.

Also, it shows a folk religion where pray for the god of dragons.

The god of dragons shows her dignity with the face of the dragon.

Here is the beautiful face hidden under the mask of the dragon.

Mask of Wol | Actor Wonyoung Kim

He is a guard of the King Hyeongjong.

He shows allegiance toward the King trough his white face and white cloth.

Many audience are curious that he is a ghost or a man.

He is a spirit following the King Hyeonjong and the lost personality of the King
as well as a face with courage for the King.

This character has many symbol himself.


King Hyeonjong of Goryeo, who took other’s face!

The best General, Gang Gam-chan who got stolen his face!

Find your face hidden behind other’s face!


Once upon a time in 1010, Goryeo Gaegyeong..

After acceding to 8th King of Goryeo, King Hyeonjong tries to restore ‘Palgwanheo’ as a national festival but the Khitan warns the second invasion with 400 thousands of the army. Goryeo has already been damaged by the first invasion. The ministers including Master Jingwan(a monk) argue to give a part of the north and have war damage. However, Genernal Gang Gam-chan only argues to fight with the northern country.

The vulnerable King Hyeonjong runs out the palace with the oppression without any decision. At the time, The sea god who wakes up due to Palgwanheo comes and pass away and the mask of General Gang Gam-chan replaces the god in the place. The king takes the mask and gets into the adventure feeling an intrepidness.

During the Palgwanheo, under the full moon, the people who dream of breaking away from the 8 precepts appears in front of the King’s eyes…

 ◇ Performance Information ◇
Title : Traditional mask dance, ‘Dong-Dong’
Period : Nov 9 2017- Nov  26 2017

Performance time : Weekdays 8 pm, Weekend 3 pm (No performance on Mondays)
Venue : Jeongdong Theater
Inquiry & Reservation : Jeongdong Theater +82-(0)2-751-1500 / Interpark +82-1544-1555
Organized by Jeongdong Theater

Audience Meeting Party of Musical Dong-Dong

Have you seen the musical ‘Dong-Dong’ which is the second project of ‘Creation-ing’?

In the night of November 10, after the second show of Dong-Dong,
the audience meeting party of Musical Dong-Dong was held in Jeongdong Maru.

스티커 이미지

It was time to be with the audience and the production team having traditional alcohol

in order to have various conversation on the musical.

This is the scene from the beginning of the event.

After the performance finished, many audiences came to Jeongdong Maru.

 From the number of the people, it is assumed how exciting the musical was.

In the corner, many cookies and rice cakes are ready.

And next to them, there were alcohols!

The alcohols were so special. They are signature cocktails made of the traditional alcohols sponsored by ‘Woori Soolbang’.

And Jung hyun Seo, the ambassador of Korean traditional alcohol, made the cocktails in the venue!

It is ssso cooool!!!

The left one is ‘Cocktail Hyeonjong’ based on Lemon and the right one is ‘Cocktail Kanggamchan’ based on grapefruit’.

The taste was so good as much as the color.

With the great cocktails, the conversation session was started.

For the conversation session, director Yukji, Choreographer Jaeseung Kim,
Changryeol Heo and Actor Hyuncheol Jeong appeared on the stage.

Jaeseung Kim told,

“Thanks to Changryeol, I could work with great actors.
At the first time, I was wondering if the actors could complete the Korean traditional mask dance.
However, as time goes by, I was happy to see the actors changed.”

For the question of “Who changed most?”,

He said “Hyeoncheol Jeong. I was surprised today.”

Changryeol Heo, who taught the actors the Korean traditional mask dance, said

“I would like to give a big hand to the actors who mastered the dance in the short time”

And the director Yukji said,

“I’m very proud of the actors. They confirmed that I’m not wrong.”

For the question about the usage of umbrella for the war,

The director said, “I hope not to have stress from the war with swords.
And I would like to describe the meaning of the war as defensing and saving somebody not as cutting others”

“Also, I thought that the umbrella goes with the image of the full moon.”

The director’s intention was very impressive.

The events proceeded on under an atmosphere of freedom.

The MC, Hyeoncheol Jeong was so funny.

Also, ‘contest of 2 line poem’ added more fun.

Here below the 2 line poem by actor Hyeoncheol Park.

Actor Jaehyeon Lee and Yongnam Kim also took a part in the events.

Jaehyeon Lee acted a role of ‘Cao Cao’ in ‘Red Cliff’ and he sang a song for Dong-Dong in the event.

Here is the beat box by Actor Yongnam Kim!

He told that he is so sad because he doesn’t have any song in this musical even if he is a musical actor.

I also so sad about that.

스티커 이미지

The event was finished in the hot atmosphere.
At the end of the events, the actors took photos or communicated with the audiences.

Please come and see the musical!


Ulsoo(Yoo Hoo)! The 900 minutes to bring up the excitement!

[The Korean traditional Mask Dance Drama <Dong-Dong>]

Ulsoo(Yoo hoo)! The 900 minutes to bring up the excitement!

*Korean Mask Dance Workshop of the actors instructed by Changryeol Heo, the professional mask dancer.*

 Actor’s Korean traditional mask dance workshop @Jeongdong Theater rehearsal hall

From August. 30 to September. 8, the actors of ‘Korean Mask Dance Darama Dong-Dong’ had time to  bring up the excitement.

It was 5 times workshops include the basic of Korean mask dance and intermediate course to make the bodies mask dance-friendly.

There were some actors who had never experienced the Korean mask dance.

Therefore, the workshop was focused on the basic of the Korean mask dance and it was instructed by Changryeol Heo who is the completer of Goseong ogwangdae, the seventh important intangible cultural property.

Same basic motions were repeated and repeated again

because it was important to practice the rhythms of mask dance in the short time.

Everyone was breathing hard after one part as ‘Bongsan Talchum’ has many jumping motions.

I found that Bongsan Talchum has many big and powerful motions while I was looking at the rehearsal.​

There were a big energy from the big and powerful motion.

Is that the attraction of Korean mask dance?

It was first time for me to see the Korean mask dance and I got some interest of it.

I’m very expecting the performance which will be open in November.

“Palgwanheo”, the festival of Goryeo dynasty has came down from the ‘Yeondeungheo’ of Silla.

And the ‘Yeondeungheo’ which is held on every Buddha’s birthday also came from the ‘Palgwanheo’

so it was not the new one.

The original Korean mask dance drama ‘Dong-Dong’ will give you the joy and energy!

Please don’t miss the performance to see the result of this 900 minutes!

               ◇ Performance Information◇

Title : The Korean Mask Dance ‘Dong-Dong’
Period : November. 9 – November. 26. 2017
Time: 8 pm on Weekdays, 3 pm on Weekend (No performance on Mondays)
Venue : Jeongdong Theater
Inquiry and Reservation: Jeongdong Theater +82-(0)2-751-1500 / Interpark : +82-1544-1555
Held and Organized by Jeongdong Theater
*Please click the image for the reservation*

For the beginners of Talchum Episode.1.5

[Creation-ing_Original Talchum Play <Dong-Dong>]

For the beginners of Talchum. Episode 1.5!

#The Categories of Talchum_Summarized Instruction

We could meet ‘Mask’ in every countries.

In Korea, it is called ‘Tal(탈)’.

​Photo from:

Likewise, ‘Mask’ has been used as a decoration but it was developed as a genre of Performance in the world.

As “Masque performance” and “Talchum”.

When we think talk about “Mask”, there is a masterpiece that comes out.

The world musical “The Phantom of the Opera”

And musical “Phantom” which is the sequel to “Phantom of the Opera”.

뮤지컬 [팬텀]

Then ;;;

When we talk about ‘Tal(Korean Mask)”, which one comes out the first?

Definitely.. The most popular one is “Hahoetal(하회탈)”.

​Left Hahoetal_Nobleman/ Right Hahoetal_Butcher

|Photo from : NAVER e-Museum

And about “Talcum(Korean traditional mask dance)…

“Bongsan Talchum(Mask dance in northern area)” comes out the first.

​Bongsan Talchum | Photo from : Doosan Dictionary

And you know what?

“Dance with the mask” is not simply called as “Talchum”!

#.Here below, The Talchum master, Changryeol Heo, will give you Summary of Talchum
about its regional categories and the features in 3 mins!


First of all, Korea has 13 types of Talchum which are registered as National intangible cultural asset and passed down.

1. Northern Area = “Talchum”

In the northern area, it is called as “Talchum” with the name of region.

Bongsan in Hwanghae-do – Bongsan Talchum

Kangryeong in Hwanghaedo – Kangryeong Talchum

Eunyul in Hwanghaedo – Eunyul Talchum

2. Seoul / Gyeonggi-do province = “Sandae Nori”

In Seoul & Gyeonggi-do province, it is not called as “Talchum” but “Sandae Nori”.

And also put the regional name before the genre.

Songpa-gu, Seoul – Songpa Sandae Nori

Yangju in Gyeonggi-do – Yangju Byeol Sandae Nori

3. Busan Area = “Yaryu”

In Busan, it is called as “Yaru(野遊)”.

Literally means “Play on the Ground”.

Dongrae-gu, Busan – Dongrae Yaru

Suyoung-gu, Busan – Suyoung Yara

4. Western part of Nakdong river = “O-Gwangdae”

Goseong – Goseong O-Gwangdae

Tongyoung – Tongyoung O-Gwangdae

Gasan- Gasan O-Gwangdae

5. In Kyeongbuk Province = “Tal-nori”

The representative region of Kyeongbuk Province is ‘An-dong’
and it is famous with “Andong Hahoe Byeolsin-gut Tal-nori(안동하회별신굿 탈놀이)”

Andong – Andong Hahoe Byeolsin-gut Tal-nori

6. Gangwon-do Province = “Gamyeon-geuk(Mask Play)”

Gangwon-do – Gangneung Gwanno Gamyeon-geuk(강릉 관노 가면극)

7. Hamkyeong-do Province in North Korea = “Nol-eum”

The famous one passed down in Hamkyeong-do is ‘Bukcheong Saja Nol-eum(북청사자놀음 : Lion mask play).

Hamkyeong-do Province – Bukcheong Saja Nol-eum

#. The Regional Features.

Northern Area : With long sleeves. Big motion with lots of jumping.

Seoul / Gyeonggi-do Province : Many cute and small motions.

Southern Area : Slow and long. Many down motions.

▲ Talchum Master, Changryeol Hoe_Member of  Play Company The Gwangdae , Initiator of Goseong O-Gwangdae

Here below the Video clip of Hoe’s Talchum Class.


On November. 9!!

The Talcum Performance will be on the stage in Jeongdong Theater!!

Do not miss it!!

To be continued..!

#정동극장 #창작탈춤극 #동동 #11월9일 #창작초연 #매우 동동해

[Creation-ing] Original Talchum(Mask Dance) Play “Dong-Dong”

[Creation-ing] Original Talchum(Mask Dance )Play “Dong-Dong”

Exciting Talchum! Drama in Talchum!

For the beginners of Talchum, “Dong-Dong”!

▲ Jeongdong Theater’s Original Talchum Drama <Dong-Dong> Episode #1 : Call for becoming fans – Audition

November 9th 2017. in the up coming fall!

An exciting ‘Original Talchum Drama’ is looking forward to meeting the audience!

March. Jeongdong Theater Creation-ing <Red Cliff>

April~October 29. Jeongdong Theater Tradition Series <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>

November 9. Jeongdong Theater Creation-ing Original Talchum Drama <Dong-Dong>

December 7. Jeongdong Theater Creation-ing <Paan>

The Jeongdong Theater’s line-up is completed like above!

Now, a exciting project of Jeongdong Theater is on preparation.

It is for preview of ‘Dong-Dong’ which will be staged right after ‘Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More’

Then let’s look into the project!


Now a days, even Korean people are more familiar with ‘Mask’ then ‘Tal'(Korean Traditional Mask).

And how about ‘Talchum’ which is a dance wearing ‘Tal’?

If you don’t know about ‘Tal’ and hesitate for learning about ‘Talchum’,

Please attention to it!

The original Talchum drama ‘Dong-Dong’ will make you become fans of the exciting genre!


But the performance is held in November 9.

It’s toooo long to have the performance!

But don’t worry!

Starting with the first teaser video in July, the series of promotional video will offer you the steps to join.

Also, Jeongdong Theater will offer the production process video to address the audience on the performance.

Jeongdong Theater will stage the original Talchum drama ‘Dong-Dong’
which is about that The 8 religious precepts and taboos are broken in the last day of Palgwanhoi
(A religious ritual in Goryeo Dynasty) .

However, as considering the audience who are not familiar with the genre,

the production team will present the monthly promotional video from July to October.

Starting with the promotional video of actor’s audition, it shows the introduction of the actors, introduction of Tal(Traditional Mast) and the production of the Tal.

The promotional video of actor’s audition is already published. ​

Then let’s look into the introduction of Talchum!


Chapter. 1

​*The regional features of Talchum *
​Northern Region:  Dance with long sleeves and huge motions like jumping.
Seoul-Gyeonggi Region: Small and cute motions.
Southern Region: Slow and smooth motions. Also pushing down motion.
by pro Talchumler Changryeol

​Chapter. 2

​*Origianl Talchum Drama ‘Dong-Dong’ ‘s historical background*
The time period of the story is the last day of Palgwanhoi in Goryeo dynasty.
The palgwanhoi was religious ritual where people need to observe the 8 taboos(taking of life, theft, lewd acts, lying, drinking alcohol, arrogance, dancing and extravagance and gluttony) during 3 days.
For the purpose of presenting a new Talchum drama, a new story is required.
And for the new story, the encountering of new era and ‘Talchum’ was required.
It is combination of ‘Palgwanhoi’ which was the most colorful festival in Korean history
and festival features of ‘Talchum’ .
by the author and director Yookji

Chapter. 3

*Why? Now talking about ‘Talchum’? : the present aspect of ‘Talchum’*
Talchum was a honest dance which was played in the ground.
But as it is played in the mask,
it is similar with the contemporary people who is honest but want to hide the inside.
by Honest Contemporary Choreographer Jeaseung Kim

We could understand about the regional features of Korean Talchum

and the historical background of the story through the promotional video!

The introduction of the actors will be presented in the 2nd episode of the promotional video.

Which story of the video are looking forward to meet us?

[Original Talchum Drama ‘Dong-Dong’ promotional video series]

Episode #2


Casting of ‘Dong-Dong’

 Introduction of the actors and characters!


Episode #3

 Production of Tal.  Introduce the Origianl tal of



Episode #4

 ‘Dong-Dong’ is staged soon!  The process of the whole production!

November. 9 Open!


The video series are on the Jeongdong Theater Youtube page, Facebook and Naver TV.