A beautiful Storytelling Through Korean Traditional Dance

Bloom, please bloom again.
Today is the day forgetting the withered days.

– Lotus, A Flower Come Out Once More-

The elegant and graceful dance is on the stage of Jeongdong Theater as the part of the performance “Lotus, A Flower Come Out Once More” which is opened on April. 6th.

The performance will be on the stage till October 29th and it is presenting the Korean traditional arts such as court entertainment, sword dance etc.

Two traditional tales are combined for the new story.

[▲Court ceremony and entertainment ⒸJeongdong Theater]

The story consists of two Korean traditional folk tales. One is “The tale of Ms. Domi” and the other is “Igongbonpuri” which is shamanic storytelling.

“The tale of Ms. Domi” is a story about that the king desire Ms. Domi but she overcomes the differences with her wisdom and finally she confirm her love to her husband. and “Igongbonpuri” is a story about Wongangami who revived by a flower of revivification.

[▲The love of Dodam and Seoryeon ⒸJeongdong Theater]

The two folk tales was retold by the story of the love of Dodam and Seoryeon and their difficulties and overcome.
Through the story, the audiences can understand easily even if there are on lines and enjoy the colorful traditional dance of Korea. Also, it is a huge merit for the foreign audiences so it is easy to find them in the auditorium.

The essence of Korean traditional dance

[▲Hunting of the king ⒸJeongdong Theater]

You can meet all kinds of Korean traditional dance on the stage such as Taepyeongmu, Parilmu and sword dance etc.
The director of the performance, Chunghan Kim, said,
“I focused on the essence of the Korean traditional dance as well as the contemporary sense.”
It is a great opportunity to see the colorful Korean traditional dances which have traditional and contemporary sense at the same time.
Also, the music is remarkable as well as the dance. Especially, the music of Pansori in the peak scene helps your understanding.

If you want to feel the exciting Korean tradition, you should see the show.

[▲ Dance of Seoryoen, the best dancer of the court. ⒸJeongdong Theater]

Under the colorful light, the motions of the actors has elegance like wings of  cranes.

[▲The altar of Mohwa ⒸJeongdong Theater]

Especially, the scene of ‘the altar of Mowha’ is the best. Many actors hit Buk(Korean traditional percussion) praying for revivification of Seoryeon and the group dance makes the audiences falling into a trance.

Eunhee Kang, an audience of the performance who came with her daughter said,
“I loosed my mind from the beautiful dance and hope many people see this performance to learn more about Korean traditional dance.”

[▲Revivification of Seoryeon ⒸJeongdong Theater]

<Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> offers an opportunity to meet a new sense of Korean traditional dance.
If you want to experience the colorful traditional dance and music, you should visit to Jeongdong Theater.

[Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More] Two folktales in the performance.

[Jeongdong Press : <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>_’The tale of Mrs Domi’ and  ‘Igongbonpuri’]

<Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>

Where you can meet the essence of Korean Dance.

Jeongdong Theater, which is located in Jeongdong-gil; the beautiful street in flower-blooming pring,

has a meaning of succession of ‘Wongaksa’, the first modern theater in Korea.

Jeongdong has presented performances which retells Korean folktales
and has help the audiences to understand it with qualified stage.

Especially, <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More>, which has its premier on last April. 6,
is a well-made Korean traditional dance drama on which Korean folktales and traditional dance are combined.


This performance sends us a message about the true love,
combining Korean folktales and newly recreating them as a Korean traditional dance drama.

At the first, ‘The tale of Mrs Domi’ is a folktale of the period of three states in Korea.

The king of Baekje has Mrs Domi, a humble woman, in his mind and he put her in danger to make her parting with her husband.

However, with her wise courage, she overcomes from the trick of the king confirming the love with her husband.

Igongbonpuri, another folktale in the performance, is a narrative shamanic myth in Jeju.

The story is about a woman called Wongangam who died after her slave life in difficulties.

She finally comes to life again as a flower called Wongangami
thanks to her husband and son who buried her body in a flower garden.

These two stories were combined and the performance <Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More> came out.

This story which came from the two folktales contains the theme of ‘overcoming’ and ‘reviving’
which feature frequently in Korean traditional ideology
so the meanings are coming heavily to the audiences who live in modern society.

The image of strong woman from Mrs Domi and Wongangami is described
into Seoryeon’s character, the protagonist of the performance.

In the background of imaginary Joseon Dynasty, this performance presents
the image of wise and strong woman who keeps her ideals in the difficulties
and the path of achieving her wishes from her revive
into traditional dance drama.

The lyrics from <A song of floral tribute> and <A love song> cite words from folktales which are very familiar to Korean people
and it raises bond of sympathy.

Also, you can see various Korean traditional dance
such as
parilmu, a dance performed by 64 female dancers in ritual ceremony,

Taepyeongmu, a dance praying for the peaceful reign and prosperity of the royal family,

Geommu, a traditional sword dance which became powerful in the performance as man’s dance.

I would love to strongly recommend this performance
to whom love Korean traditional dance and look forward beautiful dance performance!