[Review] Let’s see ‘Lotus’ through various points of view


▲Role of Seoryeon_Haneul Cho​

Seoryeon is a woman who is most talented dancer in the court.

In the festival of the court in order to pray for the reign of peace, she presents her dance playing Haeguem.

Her smile like an yellow flower and the melody of Haegeum add more beauty on her dance.

Her dance definitely rises above the other dancers.

The king is fascinated by her in a moment. In this reason, the jealous queen throw her out from the court.

▲Role of Dodam_Jinhong Jeon​

There is another man who fell in love to Seoryeon. That is Dodam, the best worrier of the court.

He has had a secret crush on Seoryeon with whom he passed his childish in the court.

Therefore he could not stay calm during his training because of his heart to Seoryeon
and of concerning about her who was thrown away from the court.

While he was looking at a Lotus and thinking about Seoryeon,

he hears to a melody of Haegeum which is carried by the wind.

He wanders in the forest following the melody and finally he sees her.

▲Role of Dodam_Jinhong Jeon​, Role of Seoryeon_Haneul Cho

They confirm the love to each other under the moonshine.

They draw the ‘melody of the love’ playing Daegeum and Haegeum together.

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From the various points of view!


Point of view No. 1 “Han(限, feeling of oppression)” The representative emotion of Korean people.

This story is about ‘Han(限)’ , the sorrowful feeling of Seoryeon.

She has beautiful mind and talent but her life is turbulent from the outside effect.

In the unavoidable life, she bears resentment.

She endures many difficulties and prison life to keep her real love toward Dodam.

However she looses her life from the sword of the King and her feeling of oppression comes out to the story.

Her sorrowful dance is not as same as the adorable dance in the first part of the story

and it describes the deep missing heart.

If you see the story through ‘Han(feeling of oppression)’ which is the collective feeling  of Korea,

You can totally understand and feel the emotion of Seoryeon
and can see the change of her dance from the adorable to sorrowful!

▲Role of Seoryeon_Haneul Cho

And the story talking about the feeling of oppression definitely has the story of solving the oppression!

If you see the story with the point of view of the feeling of oppression,
you can feel the deep meaning of the revivification in the last part of the performance.

It could be solved by the involved person

but also it could be solve by the power of wish and love from the others.

The peak of the story.

The ritual for revivification where Seoryeon’s oppression is solved leaves a catharsis to the audiences!!

▲Role of Mohwa_Narae​ ​

Point of view No. 2  The two musical instruments of protagonists

Let’s look into the femininity and masculinity of two instruments.

Seoryeon and Dodam dance playing instruments.

It is impressive of the harmony between dancing and playing music in their love scene.

The harmony of the two instruments symbolizes the love of Dodam and Seoryeon.

But why it is Daegeum and Haegeum?

Haegeum is traditionally symbolized as a feminine instrument
from it’s figure and meaning of the two strings that one is smiling string and the other is crying string.

It is not recognized as a instruments played by women but it is recognized as ‘Feminine instrument’ because of it’s sound.

Daegeum has a power of vibration so it is recognized as masculine instruments.

It is because of the straight image of ‘bamboo’  and the sound.

As this performance is dance drama without the lines,

the gender image of the instruments and its’ harmony through the music make the clear what the story want to say..

Point of view No. 3  Climatic sound of drum 

The shaman ‘Mohwa’ performs the ritual for revivification of Seoryeon.

For the climatic scene where everyone’s wishes are gathering, the sound of drum can not be missed.

For the long moment, only sound of the drum takes place rather than the melodic music.


In this scene, every actors are on the stage.

The one wish is described by the sound of drum.

The one wish from all for the revivification of Seoryeon is described by the drum sound which continue the beat.

And it sounds like the sounds of the heart beating so it make the audiences wish the heart beating of Seoryeon.

The tension and the drum sound like a heart beating gather the stage and the audience in the one.

Right after the drum sounds, Seoryeon finally revives miraculously.

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