Jeongdong Theater Customer Center

This is an area for suggestions and opinions toward Jeongdong Theater.


Opening times
Mon~Sat 09:00 – 18:00 
43 Jeongdonggil, Jung-gu, Seoul


Opening times
Tues~Sun 09:00 ~ 21:00 / Mon 09:00 ~ 18:00
Gyeonggam-ro, Gampo-eup, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Online Reservation

Reservation is possible on the Jeongdong Theater website (
You can check the details at the Reservation Confirmation/Cancellation page.
Only Credit Cards are allowed when reserving online.

Reservation on Site

Reservation is possible at the Jeongdong ticket office opening times.
(Ticket office opening times: 1 hour prior to the performance)
You can use credit card or cash when reserving on site.

Reserving by Phone

Reservation reception is possible during the customer center opening hours.
Only credit cards are allowed when reserving by phone.
When you do not wish to pay, you can only be ensured a seat. The seat will only be held until 30 minutes prior to the performance.
* Seat arrangements are prohibited when reserving by phone.

Ticket Collection(Collecting tickets at the Ticket Office on the Performance Date)

You can come to the Jeongdong Theater ticket office on the performance date, provide your identification or confirmation number,
then collect your ticket (ticket office opening times: 1 hour prior to the performance)
It is more convenient to have your reservation confirmation info printed out.
This can be done on the Ticket Reservation→Reservation Confirmation/Cancellation page.

General Viewing Information

* The Jeongdong Theater makes it a priority to minimize late entry into the theater after performances have started
At the request of the performers or in special performances late customers may not be allowed to enter the theatre after the start of the show.
In the case where late customers are allowed to enter the theater, they must follow the directions of the house management staff and sit where they are asked to so that they do not disrupt the other audience members.

* Flowers, food and beverages, and pets are not allowed inside the theater for health and safety reasons. In accordance with the copyright infringement act, any form of recording (including taking photographs, and/or recording video and/or audio) without the explicit permission from the performers and Jeongdong Theater is strictly prohibited.

* During a performance, the sounds, vibrations and light coming from your mobile phone and other electronic devices can distract the other audience members from enjoying the performance. We kindly request you to turn off all electronic devices before the start of the performance.

* It is the sole responsibility of the customer to check the minimum age requirements for attending each performance, and if upon the day of the performance it is found that a ticket has been purchased for a child who does not meet the age requirement, that child will be denied entry, and no cancellation or refund of the ticket will be given.

Reservation Info

Reservation Closing Time

Booking available until : 17:00 of the day before

Reservation Cancellation Time
– Cancellation is allowed until the time below of the day before the event

– The day before the event 5:00 p.m. for weekdays/Sundays/holidays, 11:00 a.m. for Saturdays (11:00 a.m. for Saturdays which is a holiday)
– Booking made on the event date cannot be cancelled.

Reservation Cancellation Fee
– Cancellation fee and the possible cancellation term are different from shows. Please check ‘My Ticket’ for more information.
– Booking fee is refundable only when the cancellation is made the very day of booking. Otherwise, you cannot request for the refund of booking fee.
– No fees for cancellations made on the very day of booking (limited to possible cancellation term)
– Booking made on the event date cannot be cancelled.

Cancellation Date Cancellation Fee
7 days after booking None
8 days after booking ~10 days before the event 4000Won (per ticket) (under 10% of the ticket price)
9 days before the event ~ 7 days before the event 10% (of the ticket price)
6 days before the event ~ 3 days before the event 20% (of the ticket price)
2 days before the event ~ 1 days before the event 30% (of the ticket price)
Performance Date Cancellation Prohibited

* Until 10 days before the event, a fixed cancellation fee is adjusted per ticket.
(Cancellation fee per ticket doesn’t exceed 10% of ticket price. / 4,000won- per ticket)

Reservation Modificiation
Partial Cancellation: A partial cancellation of tickets can be done on the Reservation Confirmation/Cancellation page
– The rest of the payment needs to be approved again, and the previous payment automatically becomes cancelled
(the system is automatically re-approved). Reservation Modification: Details such as date, time, seat,
and discount options can be modified through a full cancellation of the reservation, and then a re-reservation.
– A cancellation fee is applied according to the reservation cancellation regulations.
Modification/Cancellation from another reservation site: When reserved from other sites,
modifications and cancellations are only allowed on those sites.

Reimbursement per Payment Method
Online : After a full reimbursement, a cancellation fee is approved after a length of time according to the reimbursement process of the respective card company.
Phone : The amount not approved on the day of the reservation. Only the cancellation fee is approved on the day of the performance.